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What are Si-Clauses ?

Si-Clauses are used to express what would happen if something else were to happen. Sentences which contain two parts, one of which is is a SI clause, follow one of the following patterns:

case 1       si + présent + futur

case 2       si + imparfait + conditionnel présent

case 3       si + plus-que-parfait + conditionnel passé


case1 S'il pleut demain, je resterai à la maison.
(If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay at home.)
case2 S'il pleuvait, je resterais à la maison.
(If it rained, I would stay at home.)
case3 S'il avait plu hier, je serais resté à la maison.
(If it had rained yesterday, I would have stayed at home.)

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