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Subjonctif is replaced by PRÉSENT INDICATIF in the following cases :

CASE 1: In expressions which do not express doubt or uncertainty

il est vrai que it is true that
il est clair que it is clear that
croire que to believe that

CASE 2: The expression il semble que ... ... ... is not followed by a subjonctif if it is used in combination with me, te, lui, etc.

il semble que [subjonctif] it is seems that [subjonctif]
il me semble que [prés.indicatif] it seems to me that [prés.indicatif]
il te semble que [prés.indicatif] it seems to you that [prés.indicatif]
il lui semble que [prés.indicatif] it seems to him/her that [prés.indicatif]