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Grade 8 Packages

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Since there is no specific syllabus laid down by the CBSE/ICSE boards for middle school French, schools choose their own curriculum. Most CBSE/ICSE schools in India and abroad follow the APPRENONS LE FRANÇAIS series in grades 6-8.
Presently, we are offering the following package based on Apprenons le Français Volume 4.

P08ALF3 : Grade 8 Intensive

Annual Package Subscription : INR 3,500.00 / US$ 61.00

Package Description

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Package Description

P08ALF4 is an intensive package for Grade 8 French students. The package is based on the latest publication of Apprenons le Français − Volume 4 which consists of the following textbook and workbook:

Méthode de Français 4 Cahier d’Exercices 4

Package Content

In general, the package will provide the following resources:

  • Translation of texts in Méthode de Français along with lesson notes, wherever required.
  • Solution to all exercises in the Méthode de Français under Rappelons.
  • Notes and Worksheets on all Grammar Concepts included in each lesson of Méthode de Français.
  • Solution to all Writing Skill exercises included in each lesson of Méthode de Français.
  • Solution to all exercises in the Cahier d’Exercices.
  • 10 sample Solved Question Papers as per the format provided by the school. The subscriber will be required to email us the syllabus of terminal and final examinations as furnished by the school.
  • 10 Comprehension Passages with solved exercises.
  • Practice Worksheets on Culture & Civilisation.

Click here to read and download a PDF with the detailed package structure.

What you get when you subscribe

Upon subscription, the subscriber will receive the login details to an online account page. All resources included in the package will be uploaded on this page in the form of downloadable PDF files. Read more»»

Detailed Package Structure

Click here to download a PDF for the following information:
♠ Detailed Package Structure: Lesson-wise break-up of resources
♠ Annual Package Subscription Price
♠ Payment Modes

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